Our ability to deliver our services to offshore survey & construction market is explicit. We are able to meet the specific crewing needs on of all survey projects with a strong track record of providing freelance staff for various specialist survey types, including:

  • High resolution hazard and construction surveys,
  • Analogue and geotechnical,
  • Hydro-graphic surveys,
  • Hydrographic Surveyors
  • Offline Surveyors/ Nav Processors
  • Party Chiefs
  • Environmentalists
  • Survey Engineers:
    • Analogue
    • Digital
    • Geotechnical
    • Navigation
  • Geophysicists

Our employees come from a variety of different nationalities and backgrounds, who are based worldwide allowing cost-effective deployment of local personnel for short-term projects, as well as the depth of experience only afforded by a rounded pool of international workers.

An impressive database of registered freelancers across the survey disciplines is always available to our clients in a form of our crew availability list, which Nautech can provide to our clients on a monthly basis.